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Use a Verbal Behavior Guide

The VB-MAPP written by Dr. Mark L. Sundberg can be used to assess the language skills of your student.

Here are 3 cross reference documents for each level in the VB-MAPP. Use these to select targets in VBDB Apps to meet milestones in Imitation, Listener Responding, LRFFC, Tact, and Intraverbal.

1. VB-MAPP to VBDB Apps Level 1

2. VB-MAPP to VBDB Apps Level 2

3. VB-MAPP to VBDB Apps Level 3

The ABLLS-R written by Dr James W. Partington can be used with VBDB Apps.
Help Videos

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14 Top Reasons to use VBDB Apps (2 min)

Help Documents

Slides on VBDB Data which is a tool in VBDB Student to access the Verbal Behavior Database for lists of targets.