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Verbal Behavior Targets

Verbal Behavior Targets, A Tool to Teach Mands, Tacts and Intraverbals written by Diana Luckevich is a popular resource in ABA and Verbal Behavior programs. This book contains words, phrases, questions and topics to teach a student early language skills. It lists what to teach and allows for manual data collection of a student's progress.

This book was the inspiration for VBDB Apps. Its language targets were loaded into an Internet database. Then more targets were added along with full color photos. VBDB Apps was launched with searchable access to the Verbal Behavior Database and interactive learning and data recording.
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About Diana

Diana Luckevich, Ph.D. is the software engineer of VBDB Apps. She received her doctorate in Computing Technology in Education with a dissertation on the use of computer software to teach vocabulary to a child with autism. She spent her career designing and building database driven solutions. Diana has combined her book, database skills and hands on experience teaching language to a student with autism in order to develop the VBDB Apps. Email Diana at diana@vbdbapps.com .

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