Take Data - Use Data

Take Data

Teachers take data by clicking the open checkbox for a correct or the X mark for an incorrect. The target picture or forward arrow is clicked to advance to the next target with no data stored for a target view-only response. In the Listener tool the student clicks a picture to record a correct or incorrect response or the forward arrow to skip data collection and advance.

Data Stored

For each of the noun targets there may be up to 6 different tact skills stored. These include 4 scores for the tact of noun name, feature, function, class and for some of the targets with an obvious color and/or a shape there are scores for color and shape. For Listener skills the noun name skill is scored.

The LRFFC tool provides fillin and question targets to test listener feature, function, and class of objects.

The tact and listener tools record the object label for the target types Noun & Noun, Verb & Noun, Preposition, and Color Icon.

Data for Topics includes the number of correct responses for a topic.

VBDB Student Tools

Tools are the buttons used for instruction

  • Imitation
  • Intraverbal
  • Listener
  • LR FFC
  • LR Instruction
  • Tact

Target Types

Number of targets for each Target Type

  •  320  Color Icon
  •  350  Fillins
  •  240  Imitation
  •  220  Instruction
  •  430  LRFFC
  •  540  Noun - Class
  •  110  Noun - Color
  •  540  Noun - Feature
  •  540  Noun - Function
  •  540  Noun - Name
  •    57  Noun - Shape
  •  100  Noun and Noun
  •  113  Preposition
  • 1249  Question
  •  300  Topics
  •  100  Verb Noun

Skill Types

Select Tact Skill or Listener Skill

And press an instructional tool button to test these skills
  • Fillin
  • Imitation
  • Instruction
  • Listener Color Icon
  • Listener Name
  • Listener Noun and Noun
  • Listener Preposition
  • Listener Verb Noun
  • Question
  • Tact Class
  • Tact Color
  • Tact Color Icon
  • Tact Feature
  • Tact Function
  • Tact Name
  • Tact Noun and Noun
  • Tact Preposition
  • Tact Shape
  • Tact Verb Noun
  • Topic


VBDB Data offers a searchable database of targets to support your instructional planning. For each student, one checkbox per target is available to support data collection specific to that student. Some possibilities include

  • the selection of targets that you want to teach for the school year
  • targets that the student has generalized to different materials
  • targets the student already knows before treatment using VBDB Apps
  • targets the student is currently working on
Use Data

Data is stored, reported and available for you to make instructional decisions.

Days Correct

Days Correct represents the number of days that the target was checked 100% correct for the that day. Days correct is available on reports, on the Target Data page and for selection of targets to teach on VBDB Lite and VBDB Student. Use days correct to decide which targets to teach based on your instructional goals for target mastery.

  • 1 day - the target has only 1 day of 100% correct
  • 2 days - the target has only 2 days of 100% correct
  • 1 or 2 days - the target has either 1 or 2 days of 100% correct
  • 3+ days - the target has 3 or more days of 100% correct
  • no scores - the target has no scores taken yet
  • only errors - the target only has any number of error scores

This selection option helps you quickly select targets for your student based on what they know or need to learn.


Chart & Report provides charts and reports on student progress. These show student performance in a few ways: such as 100% correct, % correct per target, individual correct & incorrect dates.

More Analysis

VBDB Talker stores each correct target and its date so that you can export the data for use in a spreadsheet.

We are working on more reports, so let us hear from you about your needs.